vendredi 17 janvier 2014

A brand-new PS3 has arrived.

Last time I announced, with much sadness (insert doge meme here), that my old, fat PS3 broke for the last time and that I will have to look around for a new one. After a few days' shopping, I came across a deal at a very well-known electronics store I usually dislike. But for one of the increasingly rare times in the past few years, I swept my principles aside and bought a brand-new PS3 there. It's the Uncharted 3 bundle 250gb PS3. I got it for 225+ taxes. Since it comes with a One-Year PS+ membership, I figured I "saved" a future 50$ expense when I will inevitably renew my membership anyways. And I will probably be able to sell the controller (I already have three) and the copy of Uncharted 3 : Game of the Year (I already have the collector's edition), so that's an extra 50$ in my pockets. Considering all that, I'd say it was a good deal.

Sadly, for some odd reason, many games (but not all) I've played in the past 2 years didn't save on the PS+ online storage. I don't understand why, but I got all my saves from The Last of Us, but none from Borderlands 2. I will have to restart a few games, but none will take more time than Borderlands 2, on which I had probably over 60 hours, if not many, many more.

Overall though, I'm glad I got that new, "SuperSlim" PS3.

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  1. Wow! It's been a few months now since you got your new PS3. You really had a good deal with the price for the console and the one year subscription. I hope you're able to maximize it utility. Anyway, it sucks that some of your saves weren't saved. I can totally relate with the feeling. Anyways, thank you for sharing that! Happy gaming!

    Erik Barker @ CPR