mercredi 14 novembre 2012

Some epic conquest match!

Yesterday I slid Battlefield 3 into my PS3 for perhaps the second time in over a month, as I wanted some frantic online FPS action. I was all set to join a Team Deathmatch and let the bullets fly. Instead, at the last second, I decided that I would let the machine decide which type of match I'll enter. At first it put me in a Rush match. It went horribly bad, my team (and I include myself) was absolutely incapable of defending a single objective for more than half a minute. After the game, I quit and decided to retry the "random" thing on the menu (I confess, I've never liked Rush, I like the idea but I really suck at it). This time it chose Conquest on Golf of Oman with 300% tickets. I was in for something big.

The match itself was pretty damn long, nearly an hour. I had one of my best games in my short BF3 career (103 hours long). I finished 46-19, leading my team in points, shooting down 3 manned helicopters with a tank (one was on the ground), destroying at least 7 or 8 manned tanks, capturing 10 or more flags, nailing 3 killstreak bonuses ribbons, unlocking a MBT medal (worth 10k points) and a combat efficiency medal (for killstreaks, my fourth, also worth 10k points). And it was double XP week for Premium members, so I gained nearly 80 000 points in a single match!

Even with one of my best games ever on BF3, I only finished 3rd and we lost. Two guys on the other team were extremely good, one of them finished with a 64-10 and over 21k points before bonuses. Anyway, it was fun, I hadn't played that epic of a match in a looong time. I used to play Conquest a lot, recording more than a few great matches with great K/D ratio (along the lines of 32-10, 23-2, 28-6, 17-1 and somewhere around 20 1st place ribbons). But lately I've been more focused on TDM, having a lot of fun, but I was not as dominant with guns only (I think I only ever had one 1st place ribbon in over a hundred TDMs). Indeed, my K/D ratio had dropped from 2.2 when I hit level 45 (Colonel) and now it's 1.9.

It was nice to see I could still put up a good fight in Battlefield 3. :)

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