dimanche 9 décembre 2012

BaraChat's Games of the Year 2012 - Categories

For this year's Game of the Year awards, I've decided to do things in a simpler, more focused way. Last year I had 10 categories with about 5 nominees each and, looking back, I think I might have aimed a bit too high for my first year-ending roundup. After all, I'm not IGN, Gamespot or Edge Magazine, I can't realistically play - or even try - a hundred games per year. The fact that 2012 was clearly not as good as 2011, resulting in less games played this year, obviously has something to do with that decision. Anyway, I'll concentrate on the important stuff, eliminate some categories, maybe have less nominees (except for GoTY) and, if it's pertinent, add a few categories.

So far, what I have is :
  • Game of The Year 2012
  • Most impressive graphics (artistic AND/OR technical)
  • Best story
  • Most memorable gaming moment
  • Best music
  • Best sound design 
  • Best game I haven't tried (yet)
  • Most surprisingly good game
  • Most disappointing game
It's not impossible I add more categories as the year comes to an end, but so far that's about all I have.

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